Honey et al:

Here are 2 sketchs for the opening page for the Tucker MTA site. First, remember these are SKETCHES (2 steps above a pencil sketch, 100 steps below a final look!)

Both sketches are similar in that the proposed Tucker MTA 30084 logo is prominently displayed. Sketch 1 has buttons to other web sites and organizations related to Tucker ABOVE. Sketch 2 has them at the BOTTOM.

The idea illustrated here is to have the 'board members' or committee members of the MTA be the authors of articles outlining the areas that MTA touches most. We could use pictures of these members next to their articles which would be a subtle way of introducing these folks without having to make a dreary list. Of course, the articles could all be written by a single source but would appear next to the picture of a board member. Potentially these articles could be updated independently (by a third party[ies]). Sketch 1 has no advertising and a canvas background. Sletch 2 shows potential advertising and is cleaner and a little slicker.

Sketch 1:

Sketch 2:

Remember, nothing here is even close to final but we have to start somewhere. Obviously the articles, the buttons, the headlines, the pictures (of people and Tucker) are just space fillers... the real stuff would be far cleaner, tighter and on point... just ideas here. Show this to your committee and let me know your thoughts.