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Altieri and Associates has been an Atlanta company since 1974 and has been involved in nearly every facet of the entertainment business from management and booking to touring, musical contracting, recording, and event services. Our clear mission is to provide quality service and talent for our clients at reasonable rates.

Beyond our own expertise we have teamed with companies in the entertainment industry that specialize in particular areas of event planning and that have proven track records. Our many years of experience in coordinating event details will help make your presentation the success you want it to be. Event planners from across the country have called us to assist them when they have business in the Atlanta area. Our Contracting Department has been hiring musicians for touring shows and celebrity artists for over 25 years.

The personal and professional attention that you require for any event is available now. Please browse our site and then contact us for information on services that we can provide for you.

Our experience and dedication does show. The advantage is yours.

Most Cordially,

Leonard Altieri, President and CEO
Altieri & Associates Entertainment Services, Inc.

• Allgood Productions - video, audio, remote and studio capability

• Chick-fil-A Corporation - specialty catering, classic cars

• PDH Systems, Inc. - event planning, staging, sound installations

• The Show Business Sound and Lighting, Inc.

• Mike Riggall Photography - commercial & corporate photography

• Northlight Photography, Inc. - event and portrait photography

• TRRU Production Services - script, staging, production development our event specialists in concept and design

We will consult with you, then bring in the proper team to swiftly put your event plan into action.

You will plan with the appropriate team for each stage of your event.

We will coordinate all parts of your plan, saving you considerable time and money.

There will be no inflated pricing from each separate company. No wasted phone calls or extra meetings.

Sign only one contract and receive invoices from one source.

All of us will act on the plan to realize minimum stress and maximum satisfaction.

The end result will be to enjoy your event.


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