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Availability of talent depends on several factors: The day of the week, the season, the popularity or notoriety of the act, location of the event, and size of the venue all come into play.

Although your entertainment should be booked 3 to 6 months (or more) in advance, we pride ourselves in being able to find that talent you have decided you must get, even at the last minute. This comes from years of experience and knowing who is presentable and how to reach them.

Of course, all performers have different rates. Bands of the same number of performers can vary widely in price. Soloists all have differing opinions of their worth, and specialty acts often are priced according to materials used, difficulty of the performance, or even how unique the act is. Nationally or regionally known attractions can often be booked as part of a tour or an open day for a discount.

It is always better for us if we know the size of your budget. We can then tell you about talent in that particular price range. If you don’t give us a figure it makes it harder for us to narrow the field, so please be patient. Groups or individuals that present more of a show or concert are generally going to be more expensive.

We are a medium priced company, although discounts or deals may be available at any time. If you are shopping around and find a lower price for a comparable act please call back and let us see if we can do even better.

The more you let us handle of your event, the greater your potential discount. The more we can coordinate, set up, and provide for you the less time and effort is involved in putting all of the pieces of an event together. We are patient and practical and will always give our best effort to your special occasion.


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